“A mutual associate introduced Mr. Evans and me on January 13, 2010, and since then my life has changed for the better.

A statement that Mr. Evans told me on that day is still very vivid in my mind to this very day is, “after reviewing your case if I did not think that I could win this for you, I would not take it”.  Believe me he meant just that!

Mr. Evans will never leave you ill equipped, as he is preparing you for whatever your situation is.  Trust me you will be very informed and knowledgeable about your case.

To describe Mr. Evans is to state that he is meticulous, straightforward, and trustworthy.

Ms. Foster is his dedicated and hardworking paralegal.  When you call Ms. Foster she always has the time to speak, and if she does not she makes sure that either her or Mr. Evans returns your call in a timely business manner.

The fondest memories of this firm is when I had surgery, when I arrived home two days later a beautiful bouquet of flowers were delivered to my home along with a phone call to check on my status.

I would recommend Mr. Evans to anyone that requires an attorney; he gets the “JOB” done!

Put your trust in Mr. Evans and Ms. Foster, they will not let you down!  I am truly proud to call them my family!”

A. Jackson
Atlanta, GA

“William P. Evans and his paralegal exceed the highest level of legal professionalism. Mr. Evans’ level of honest along with his 30 years of experience gave me the confidence in the most dark and insecure time in my life. Their response to solving my complex problem was most impressive, along with their case and compassion for my quality of life. I highly recommend William P. Evans for legal services.”

C. Palmsteen
Tallahassee, FL 

When I got into an accident two years ago, the best decision I made was to contact the law firm of Evans, Scholz, Williams & Warncke.  Mr. Evans went above and beyond in my case to get me the best results.  Mr. Evans’ staff are friendly and efficient.  I felt informed and secure throughout the whole process.  They got the best results for my case and in the event that I need them again, I will not hesitate to contact Mr. Evans for legal services.

G. Del Solar
Atlanta, GA

 Cuando me accidente hace tiempo, lo mejor que hize fue contactar al Abogado Evans de la Firma Evans, Scholz, Williams & Warncke, el Abogado Evans realmente hizo todo y mas de lo que espere, no me sentíí por ningúún momento desamparado, siempre fui apoyado no solo por el Abogado Evans sino que tambiéén por su bien preparado y cordial equipo de asistentes, Hoy despuéés de todo lo que pase me siento muy agradecido con todos ellos y no dudaríía ni un segundo en recomendar sus servicios.

Gino D.
Atlanta, GA

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