Doe v. SignatureDoe v. Signature (Superior Court of Fulton County, Premises Liability/Negligent Security).This tragic case arose from negligent security at a downtown Atlanta perking deck which allowed the young woman we represented to be sexually assaulted.  Mr. Warncke retained numerous experts and engaged in aggressive discovery, revealing serious deficiencies in the parking deck’s security measures.  Discovery revealed that the parking deck had been the site of dozens of crimes every month.  Despite this, the landowner rarely patrolled the area.  The parking deck was supposed to be controlled coded access only, but the assailant was able to follow our client into the deck through a door whose lock had been broken for weeks, if not months.  The assault occurred near a security camera which had not working for weeks, if not months.

Finally, we discovered that the owner of the parking deck was undertaking a multi-million dollar renovation of the property, and had hired its own security consultant in the process.  The security consultant had recommended numerous upgrades to security in exactly the area of the assault.  We contended that this assault would have been avoided if the landowner had only followed the advice of its own consultant, and that the landowner’s negligence created an unreasonably dangerous setting.   The case settled on confidential terms after mediation.

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