Jones v. Guffin

Jones v. Guffin (Superior Court of Fulton County, Medical Malpractice).

Mr. Warncke’s client was a professional singer/hip hop performer who had a platinum record and two Grammy awards to her credit.  When her musical group disbanded she decided to return to college to formally study voice, but she also noticed increasing symptoms of hoarseness.  She consulted the Defendant physician, who diagnosed vocal nodules on both vocal folds, and quickly recommended and performed surgery.  Her lawsuit alleged that her physician performed an outdated surgical technique called “vocal stripping,” which had been out of favor for decades, and which was never acceptable for performing on both vocal folds in the same sitting.  Vocal stripping involves removal of a layer of tissue from the vocal fold.

Since both sides of her folds were laid bar in the operation at the same time, the two sides developed scar tissue and grew together, restricting the airway, and permanently immobilizing the vocal chords causing permanent loss of voice. Suit was filed and extensive discovery was taken, after which the case settled at mediation on confidential terms.

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