Motorcycles are fun to ride and operate.   They are also more dangerous to operate due to the lack of protection afforded the driver as compared to a car or truck.  For instance in 2004 more than 4,000 people died as a result of injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident.  This figure is nearly double the number of people who died from motorcycle accidents in 1997.  This illustrates the increased danger to motorcycle drivers on the roads of Georgia and metropolitan Atlanta.

There are many ways in which an individual driving a motorcycle in Georgia can become involved in a motorcycle accident.  Some examples include: riding a motorcycle and being sideswiped by a car; colliding with another motorcycle; crashing due to poor road and weather conditions; or simply being struck by another vehicle who did not see your motorcycle.

The reason most motorcycle accidents occur is because car and truck drivers fail to keep a proper look out for motorcyclists.  Injuries to motorcycle drivers have unfortunately become common on Georgia roads despite the motorcyclists observing all safety precautions when riding.  In many instances these collisions and the resulting injuries to the motorcycle driver are the result of the negligence of car and truck drivers not looking more carefully for motorcycle and bicycle traffic.  Typically, when these accident occurs it is the motorcycle driver or cyclist who suffers most.  This is not made easier by the fact that law enforcement officers and members of the public are normally biased against and tend to blame the motorcyclist in these collisions.

Driving a motorcycle in Georgia can be safe if several precautions are taken.   Motorcycle enthusiasts in Georgia should know several key safety factors that will help  when riding a motorcycle.  First, always wear a helmet.  Remember that safety should be your first concern when driving a motorcycle in Georgia.  Second, avoid riding in hazardous weather conditions.  This will put you less at risk as a result of other drivers negligence or distraction in bad weather conditions.  You may be an excellent driver, but others are not and as a motorcycle driver you are at times at the mercy of drivers of cars and trucks.  Third, never ride negligently and do not perform tricks or stunts to show off.  Please remember to check your blind spots because many car and truck drivers do not.  Always drive your motorcycle defensively to avoid collisions with cars and trucks that do not see you.  Obviously,  never drive your motorcycle after drinking.

Are you suffering from a motorcycle accident related injury? If you or a friend or family member has been seriously injured or killed as a result of an injury sustained while driving a motorcycle, please contact William P. Evans immediately as a quick and thorough investigation to establish facts, contact witnesses, and preserve evidence can make a dramatic difference in the recovery obtained.    William P. Evans has represented motorcyclists injured as a result of other drivers negligence for over 30 years.  Mr. Evans’ paralegal, Michelle Foster, has assisted Mr. Evans in his practice for over 11 years.  Please contact Mr. Evans or Ms. Foster immediately to seek assistance in your motorcycle injury case and to discuss your legal rights.  Please either contact Mr. Evans or Ms. Foster at (404) 841-9400 or (866) 876-8554.

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