Every individiual comes into contact with different types of products in their everyday lives.  Infants are surrounded by car seats, medications, cribs, play pens and various products that are specifically designed to suit their specific needs.  Older children are exposed to electronic games, bicycles, medications and other products targeted at adolescents.  Adults are surrounded by machinery, cars, appliances, medications and various products that influence their everyday lives.  Most products are designed to ensure maximum safety and minimal risk to the people that buy and use them. However, defective products in the marketplace are known to cause death or severe injuries.  The increase in injuries and death as a result of poorly designed products is to such an extent that the Federal Government issued a Consumer Product Safety Commission to help lower the growing number of risks associated with consumer products.

Individuals who incur injuries as a result of using poorly designed products have the right to claim compensation from the retailer or product manufacturer.  The majority of these products often result in disability or permanent injuries.  The injuries experienced by a consumer  often result in lost wages, and extensive medical expenses. These products have a significant financial impact on one’s spouse, children and loved ones, causing an immeasurable emotional toll.  The assertion of a well-planned claim can mitigate the burden of the injuries and damage caused to the affected person and their family even if no monetary value can repair the damage caused.

It is quite difficult to maintain product liability lawsuits and claims against retailers and manufacturers of products.  Most of these businesses are backed by a large team of legal representatives and insurance companies that are geared to defend their interests. In most cases, claims against such companies usually result in litigation.  For you to be successful with product liability lawsuits, you need to retain a team of well trained and knowledgeable experts that can reveal the defects in the construction or functionality of the product. Litigation usually requires commitment, resources and time.  It is important for a legal expert to begin investigations and law enforcement as soon as the damage has occurred, as there is a possibility of losing the evidence.

Are you suffering from an injury caused by a defective product? If you or a friend or family member has been seriously injured or killed as a result of a defective product please contact William P. Evans immediately as a quick and thorough investigation to establish facts, contact witnesses, and preserve evidence can make a dramatic difference in the recovery obtained.  William P. Evans has represented individuals injured as a result of others negligence for over 30 years.  Mr. Evans’ paralegal, Michelle Foster, has assisted Mr. Evans in his practice for over 11 years.  Please contact Mr. Evans or Ms. Foster immediately to seek assistance in your defective product case and to discuss your legal rights.  Please either contact Mr. Evans or Ms. Foster at (404) 841-9400 or (866) 876-8554.


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